Fidget Durability Test

Posted by Fidgetland on Aug 21st 2018

We pride ourselves making discreet durable fidgets. To prove how durable our fidgets our we drove a car over them. … read more

Adult Fidget Toys for Anxious Adventures

Posted by Helen Dunn on Aug 21st 2018

Last week I had an anxious adventure in international flight. For the first time in the history of my life (which includes many international flights), I left my passport at home. Luckily, there was s … read more

Nail Biters Rejoice--and Fidget!!

Posted by Helen Dunn on Aug 21st 2018

For those of us who bite our nails (or cuticles), the behavior is completely ingrained. We do it without even thinking because we’re nervous, anxious, or just have this specific tick. Nail biting can … read more

Fidgeting to Lose Weight

Posted by Helen Dunn on Aug 21st 2018

We all know that sitting still isn’t so great for weight loss, but we now also know that we should fidget to lose weight. Seems crazy, but it’s true--all that extra frenetic energy actually just mean … read more

Fidget to Quit Smoking

Posted by Helen Dunn on Aug 21st 2018

Why do we fidget when we quit smoking? For the same reason that we should fidget TO quit smoking! When we smoke we use our hands, so when we quit smoking, we have a missing and nagging issue--what d … read more